Technical Charts

I welcome the report of any errors found in the chart, or any additions you think should be made.
The foundation of these charts are usually those of, some other major sources being repair manuals by Park Tool and Lennard Zinn

Tyre Sizes

A chart compiled predominantly from Sheldon Brown’s, a Schwalbe Catalogue, and some obscure references.
Presented in a way that I found works better for me, and with conversions of tyre widths as well.

Bolt Threads

Some thread pitches are used more than once across the bike, so it can be handy to know what may be cross compatible (or probably more importantly – what is not compatible!), or what tap/die/chaser you should be using.

Inner and Outer Diameters

For things, holes, and shafts that aren’t threaded and relatively small, this is an initial attempt at putting them all on one table – updates to come.


Still to come: BCDs, Torques, Axles, Tyre Pressures, Cable Pull Ratios, Chain Dimensions