Voluntary Apprenticeship: Sustainable Bike Maintenance and Education

The bicycle industry has been growing consistently year on year, this last year almost more than ever. Not only is demand for new bikes and repairs high, but there is growing demand for education (e.g. training new mechanics, public classes, as well as teaching people to cycle) and bicycle re-manufacturing (keeping usable components and bikes in use).

As with any skill, it is very hard to find people who are both knowledgeable about the subject and good at communicating it to others, and/or have a strong environmental ethos. And people with those passions may not be able to get the necessary experience in bike mechanics to be able to begin working in this area, or work under others to further their knowledge.

To that end, I am interested in sharing my experience and collaborating with people who want to learn more about bike mechanics, to a high level of expertise, with the view to teach others and/or keeping usable bike parts in circulation – those who want to better the community and environment through bicycle maintenance.

We have a small group working on this so far, and we have room for some more suitable people. There is no set format or timescale for it as of yet, but I hope to use as many different learning environments as possible – video meetings, in-person practise, voluntary work, paid assistance. The training is currently free-of-charge but only for those with the right attitude and values and can work well within the group. Training is based out of Dublin.

If you’re interested, do get in contact – a CV and explanation of your motivations and goals is very welcome – and I will be in touch to arrange an interview.